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There are various options if you’re looking to mount your photos to wood.  Perhaps the most well known options are mounting to MDF or Masonite, but those options don’t necessarily give you a natural look.  The MDF looks a bit like particle board and the color isn’t all that appealing.  Masonite is thinner and probably a bit more appealing to the eye, but again it doesn’t give a great natural look.

We at prefer to mount our photos to bamboo for a beautiful, natural look.  Not only is it a completely sustainable eco-friendly product, but the bamboo slats offer a unique striation pattern on the sides of your wall art that is sure to turn heads. 

We mount your enlarged photo (up to 32×24 – larger or custom sizes if needed) to 3/4″ bamboo which is created with panels.  The bamboo plywood is the same material used in high end cabinets and furniture and is up to 4x more dimensionally stable than oak.  To put on the finishing touch, we then sand and stain the edge of your photo wall art to bring out the beautiful uniqueness of each piece.

photo mounted to wood (bamboo)

See more images in our gallery which include examples of our acrylic, aluminum and gatorfoam mounts as well.

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November 17, 2011

Daniel @ 3:13 am #


I’m doing an art project and need bamboo panels to mount my work. What are your prices and how long to be delivered to Sydney Australia.


Daniel Kemp

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