Acrylic Prints: Direct Print Vs Paper Print & Mount


We wanted to touch on an issue that has come up quite a bit more often in recent months as more companies get into the increasingly popular acrylic photo mounting space.  In a nutshell, NOT ALL ACRYLIC PRINTS WALL ART IS CREATED EQUALLY.   It’s important to educate yourself on exactly what it is that you’re purchasing.  Believe us when we say that many companies aren’t exactly perfectly clear on how the product is made and what ALL the costs are.

There are actually two important points to consider.  How exactly is the wall art made and how much does it cost in total.  We have taken a look at nearly all of the companies offering acrylic prints and you might be surprised that some display prices for the acrylic mount only!  Yes, that’s right you have to look at a price sheet to figure out what the additional cost for printing will be depending on which of the dozen paper choices you choose.  Deceptive?  Probably not intentionally.  A pain in the ass to determine pricing quickly.  You bet!  You’ll then need to determine what kind of backing material they are using to sandwich the print to the acrylic.  Are they using the cheaper, more prone to bowing Sintra backing or the more expensive, rigid dibond?  What is the thickness of the acrylic and are the edges polished?  These are additional costs that need to be factored in.  Maybe you don’t care about polished edges.

Finally, we circle back and get to the main point of the post!  That is the difference between the direct print on acrylic product vs the print on paper then face mount to acrylic product.  Most of the companies popping up today are printing directly onto the acrylic.  Why?  There is very little manual labor involved and less risk of “breakage”, the cost of doing business.  Printing on paper then face mounting requires skill, patience and often times a touch of luck.  A few dust specks can ruin an acrylic face mount.  Printing directly onto the acrylic alleviates the risk.  Ok, lets go over the advantages.

Advantages of Direct Print: Lower cost, can withstand moisture

Advantages of Print to Paper & Mount:  Greater color vibrancy, no corner bolts needed which take away from the image

While more expensive, we prefer the Print to Paper & Mount method for the simple fact that printing on paper will always produce far greater color vibrancy and depth.  The other important distinction is that with this method corner bolts aren’t needed to create the floating effect and hang the print.   If you’re looking to save money and/or want the acrylic look in an area where there will be significant moisture (ie in a bathroom or outside), go with direct printing onto the acrylic.  If the absolute best look for your image is of most important go with the paper face mount option.

In terms of quality, customer service & ease of ordering, there aren’t many companies that do it better than Bumblejax.  In addition to acrylic face mounting, other options include bamboo, aluminum or the budget friendly gatorfoam.


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March 22, 2012

Nadine Berbel @ 5:35 pm #

Very interested in getting paper face mount option for a photo of a black and white floral. . .with a whisper of “lime green”. . .size I’m looking for is a 60″ x 60″ for a major wall in my formal livingroom.

Can you help me with this size and process? Please get back to me a.s.a.p. .can you ship something that large?

Thank you,

Nadine Berbel

May 24, 2012

Tate @ 2:02 pm #

Hi Nadine, just wanted to follow up with you to make sure you received an email response on this? The largest we can go is up to 46″ on one side and up to 92″ in length. Shipping something this large requires a crate for an additional charge.

March 2, 2013

P T Owen @ 5:52 pm #

I have 60 exhibition prints 16″ x 24″ (edge to edge), matte surface inkjet, to be face mounted on acrylic. Can you do that. What is the cost. What happens if you damage a print in the process?
thanks Paul

March 3, 2013
August 5, 2014

Antonio @ 6:47 am #

I am looking for face-mounted on plexiglass in Fairfield County, CT or Westchester County, NY.
I produce many pieces with this technique for my clients, and I’m looking for a quality driven supplier to connect with

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